Alan Greenleaf, Vermont musician
Singer-Songwriter Alan Greenleaf is one of Vermont’s most prolific songwriters. He is a self taught finger picking guitar player whose songs and lyrics reflect the people and countryside around him. Robert Resnik of VPR’s “All the Traditions” considers Alan “The best songwriter in Vermont”.

The stories Alan tells are greatly inspired by his years as a farmer in northern Vermont. His music draws from many American traditions, including Country, Appalachian, Blues and Jazz. The songs Alan writes capture the essence of life in rural Vermont, and range from humorous takes on backroad characters to melancholic love songs to odes to his chainsaw.

No matter what the subject, the songs are moving and provocative: some to dance to, some to laugh to, and some to cry to. Or, once a year in Brattleboro, to stroll down the street with livestock, as Alan wrote the official theme song for the annual “Strolling of the Heifers” parade.

There are currently five CDs of Alan’s music available for purchase. Click on any CD cover below to see details and songs. Click here for purchase details.